Patient Forms for Dr. van Gennip

Your gum health is in good hands here. That’s because Dr. van Gennip’s focus is on preventing gum disease and helping you achieve maximum oral health while avoiding tooth loss and other, more serious health problems (gum disease has been linked to heart disease too). We have recent reports that indicate that untreated gum disease in pregnant women is linked to pre-term births and low birth weight. People with the untreated periodontal disease have also shown difficulties controlling diabetes.

Dr. van Gennip is a board-certified Periodontist and a frequent lecturer on periodontal health. What’s more, he’s committed to constantly broadening his experience and capabilities for your best periodontal care and results.

Please click to download the form below to be sure we have all the information needed to provide the best possible care.

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Dr. Raymond B. van Gennip

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