Magdaline D
Dr. Van Gennip was gentle, educational, and very thorough. He took his time, explained everything to me as we went, and was very patient with this nervous patient! I had a skin graft done and he used a technique, unlike others I have heard of. My mouth healed in less than two weeks! I have a friend who had the same procedure done with another doctor and it took her over a month to heal. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a GREAT periodontist. Thank you, Dr. Van Gennip for your care!

Adrian W
I had a very good experience using Dr. van Gennip for my dental implant. He's very friendly, timely, work was done well and healing was fast. I know most people dread going to the dentist, I do too but he made the experience as pleasant as it could be. I would definitely recommend him!

Jana G
And that's saying a lot from a former "chicken" dentistry patient who used to need laughing gas just to have her teeth cleaned. Dr. van Gennip and his team are the best - they are caring, compassionate, kind, and professional.Thank you!!

Betty P
Just a few words to give my honest opinion of Dr. van Gennip's practice. The office is clean and welcoming. The staff members are professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. van Gennip is passionate and talented. He makes gum surgery less scary. He is a true teacher at heart and ensures that his patients truly understand the process. His energy is contagious. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs periodontist work done. He makes it less scary - in fact not scary at all and the results are amazing. Both my teenage son and I were very pleased with his service.

Jane M
My experience with Dr. Van Gennip was very positive. I had an implant done that required a bone graph. The process took a while (nearly a year) to do it right, but the implant is perfect. Its just like I have my old tooth back..I eat and drink and floss just the same as if I had my original tooth. Dr. Gennip is personable and his staff very friendly. It's not cheap to do an implant, but I am so glad I opted for an implant rather than a bridge in order to protect my remaining teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Van Gennip

Marie S
Dr. Van Gennip did a beautiful job on my implant. Even my regular dentist praised his work. I highly recommend him.

Nick D
Dr. van Gennip was always very friendly and transparent with me. He was professional, timely, and did a great job with my surgery. Definitely,recommend!

Dr. Raymond B. van Gennip

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